Cream Rippling Sauces

Cream rippling sauces are made to decorate, ripple or fill ice-cream, cold desserts and crêpes. Made with high quality products, they remain soft even inside ice-cream and bind different flavours together. They help ice-cream makers to personalize their products in an imaginative way and to offer in very easy and effective way new catchy flavours.

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CodeDescriptionDose (*)PackingTemp.
230101NDCiocchella®2 x 6 kgC
230401CioccoBiscuit2 x 5 kgC
230501NDCioccoCoconut2 x 5 kgC
230601NDCioccoHazelnut2 x 5 kgC
230701CioccoRice2 x 4 kgC
230801CioccoCoffee2 x 5 kgC
231001NDGelato Rock® Variegato2 x 5 kgC
231101CioccoFlakes2 x 4 kgC
231201Muffin® Variegato2 x 5 kgC
231601NDWhite Chocolate flavoured Rippling Sauce6 x 900 gC
231701Buonissimo!2 x 4 kgC
231901NDCioccoPistachio2 x 5 kgC
232401NDVegella® 2 x 5,5 kgC
232601CioccoCrunch2 x 5 kgC
232701Buonissimo! White2 x 4 kgC
232901Biscotto Black2 x 5 kgC
233201Choco Lemon2 x 5 kgC
233301NDBacio di Dama2 x 5 kgC
233401NDChoco Raspberry2 x 5 kgC
233501Choco Speculoos2 x 5 kgC
233601Choco Flakes Pistachio2 x 4 kgC

ND: Gluten Free

(*): dosage for 1 kg of base mix